Vicious WolfAlaska Governor Sarah Palin decided not to sit quietly by while California Congressman George Miller, filed a bill to stop the use of aerial wolf management practices. According to KTUU News, Palin told Miller to stop listening to the lies of the special interests.

In her letter sent Thursday, Palin accuses Miller of not doing his homework about Alaska’s predator control program. The letter urges Miller, “…not to swallow the rhetoric of special interest advocacy groups trying to raise money for their inaccurate campaigns.”

Palin went on to explain the state’s efforts to control wolf populations.

“Scientifically based predator control programs will continue in Alaska because we want to increase moose and caribou populations, especially for those rural Alaskans who are so reliant on that game to fill their freezers and feed their families,”

Miller continues to see this as a federal government issue.

“People of the country, last time they visited this issue made it very clear that they wanted it outlawed. They saw this as inhumane, they saw it as inconsistent with standards of hunting,”

Tom Remington