Black Bear14-year-old Chris Malasics from Chester County, Pennsylvania was attacked by a black bear. Around 11:30 Friday evening Malasics was in his tent when the bear ripped it down. He was with other scouts camped out at Hickory Run State Park in Carbon County. Malasics curled into a fetal position and played dead while the bear tossed him around like a beach ball.

The scout leader and other scouts tried creating a diversion by banging pots and pans and flashing car headlights. One report out of Pennsylvania described the bears reactions this way.

The bear then started tossing him around. Meanwhile, a scout leader started trying to create a disturbance, banging pots and pans and flashing car headlights. The bear eventually wandered off.

We as outdoor people should pay attention to the last sentence in the above – “The bear eventually wandered off”. It didn’t bolt, run, immediately head for the woods or any such thing. The bear “eventually” just simply “wandered” off. More and more bears have absolutely no fear at all of man and this spells potential danger. We must be made aware.

The boy was treated at a local hospital for cuts and bruises and will undergo rabies shots as a precaution.

Tom Remington