J.R. Absher - NewshoundAfter reading the most insane story I’ve heard in some time, perhaps since forever, I decided I was going to be responsible and not put my body, including my pea-sized brain through several hours of anguish while I pounded, cussed and swore over my keyboard. I decided I would let Mr. J.R. Absher, the Newshound, enjoy all the pleasures of typing, backspacing, typing and backspacing through all the words one shouldn’t say on their “responsible” blogs.

So here we go! A Colorado judge has ordered a man who shot and killed a black bear illegally, called poaching, to pay PETA $500 instead of paying in community service. Hopefully you missed your own keyboards when you vomited uncontrollably.

Isn’t that kind of like asking someone who practices Islam to go over to the nearest Catholic and say 35 hail Marys?

Don’t believe it? Read on. (Warning! Reading will sure to cause excessive and rapid rises in blood pressure!)

Insane Judge

Tom Remington