Black BearDespite protests from a few who believe animals are equal to humans, the planned black bear hunt in Maryland will begin this morning. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources says that once 50 bears have been taken, the hunt will end.

Good luck to all the Maryland bear hunters and hopefully you won’t run into people like this one who posted the following comment on this blog over the weekend.

I’m voting for the bears. I hope the hunters drink lots of beer during their big hunt. I love reading about fatel hunting accidents.

What perversion!

You know I got a real kick out of one media account of the planned bear hunt for this morning. I think they tried their darnedest to report the story with as little bias as possible so I got a real chuckle at this one writer’s attempt to discredit Maryland and the bear hunt when they finished their piece this way.

There are several states with much larger bear populations that do not allow bear hunting.

Isn’t that a hoot? It really shows the lack of knowledge about what wildlife management is all about.

Tom Remington