Black Bear Being Examined by Maryland Department of Natural Resources During 2007 Bear HuntYesterday concluded the first day of the Maryland bear hunt in which 36 bears were taken. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources wants to reduced the western Maryland bear population by around 50 bears. Having great success during the hunt was Coty Jones. She’s a junior at Corcoran College of Art and Design. She brought down a state record 615-pound black bear. That weight bests the previous state record by 129 pounds.

During yesterday’s hunt, the Humane Society of the United States was announcing the results of a recent telephone poll stating the poll showed that 61% of Maryland residents were opposed to the hunt. According to the Baltimore Sun, there were some results of that poll the HSUS wasn’t eager to share.

However, 63 percent of those polled in Western Maryland, where the bulk of the bears live, favor the hunt.

This fact surely indicates what some have been preaching for years that once people are directly involved in wildlife problems and have accurate, first-hand knowledge of the facts, their outlook changes dramatically. It’s easy for the city people, some who have never seen a live bear, to say they are opposed to hunting. If provided with all the facts, often they change their minds as most reasonable people would.

With 36 bears taken on the first day and the second day underway right now, there’s a reasonably good chance the bear hunt will end after today.

Tom Remington