Pray, MontanaRobert T. Fanning Jr. is an integral part of Friends of the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd. Bob has for years been saying that the gray wolves in and around the Yellowstone area are ravaging the elk herd.

In a recent email from Mr. Fanning to Wolf Crossing, Fanning says there’s not much left.

There used to be 19,700 elk in the Mt FWP (Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks) winter range next to my home, now we are down to 400.
No bulls.
No calves.
All the cows average over 9 years old.

I would assume that Mr. Fanning knows how to count and living next to the winter range for the Yellowstone elk herd, he would probably have more opportunity than most to keep track of numbers. If these numbers are accurate, this is a travesty. Is this what we have to look forward to with continued unchecked protection of the gray wolf? Are we going to sit idly by while allowing a predator complete run of the range while the elk herd, of which millions of dollars have been invested, gets wiped out?

I’m sorry but this is wrong!

Elk at the Pray, Montana Winter Elk Range

Tom Remington