Not successful in their first attempt to sue the Pennsylvania Game Commission to stop their implementation of the deer management plan, the Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania got the go ahead from a state court to sue the PGC. PGC now has 30 days to reply to the charges.

In essence, USP claims that PGC did not use scientific evidence in the issuing of antlerless deer permits resulting in drastic reductions in deer numbers. They want this to stop until such time that PGC can prove they are following the law in issuing the permits.

Game Commission Executive Director Carl Roe says he welcomes the opportunity to explain the procedures they use.

‘We look forward to Â…the opportunity to have our many expert witnesses expound on the scientific basis and soundness of our management plan,” Roe said. ”At the end of the trial, we are confident that this debate over the scientific validity will be resolved once and for all.”

The deer management plan PGC has implemented has been a controversy since day one with no real end in sight. Some see the plan as a good thing while others complain of too few deer. With the onset of another lawsuit, others are complaining that USP are just wasting the PGC’s money, which is mostly collected from license fees, fearing it will result in increased fees.

It will probably be months before the case will actually make it to the courts.

Tom Remington