It seems, according to Montana FWP that they don’t understand why a pack of wolves in Northwest Montana would suddenly begin attacking livestock and killing it. They say all of their “normal” explanations can’t account for this change in behavior.

That’s interesting! Perhaps they should read Dr. Valerius Geist’s article, “When Do Wolves Become Dangerous to Humans?” This article clearly explains the stages of behavior a wolf goes through before learning to attack and kill its prey. I am sure that the FWP could learn a lot from Dr. Geist’s article.

In a piece in the Flathead Beacon, it says that FWP authorities are stumped but at the end of the article, the writer makes this statement.

The wolf population and the number of packs in northwest Montana is clearly on the rise. In 2007, FWP recorded 35 livestock and dog kills by wolves. As a result, the agency lethally removed 19 wolves.

Assuming that the writer of the article, Dan Testa, got that information from the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks personnel, this is in complete contradiction to the information released last week by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that claimed wolf populations were on the decline for the first time.

None of this is reassuring to anyone. Is the MFWP in denial about wolf behavior? Who is telling the truth on wolf populations? We may never know as long as these agency play politics with wolves.

Tom Remington