What I would like to say here, I guess I will refrain from as best I can. Ed Bangs, whom I’m convinced is a rogue ruler of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, has announced that the Service will begin proceedings to remove the gray wolf from protection of the Endangered Species Act.

The USFWS successfully delisted the wolf last year until a barrage of lawsuits filed by animal rights groups ended in Judge Donald Molloy granting an injunction to put the wolf back on the ESA list. Shortly thereafter, Ed Bangs announced the USFWS was withdrawing its proposal to delist the wolf.

That was only one month ago and already Bangs announcement has to leave all of us wondering what in the heck he is doing? According to an afternoon article in the Washington Post, Bangs said the USFWS would begin hearing public comments on the proposal beginning Tuesday, October 28 and running for the required 30 days.

Nothing in the press release posted at the USFWS website sheds anymore light than what has been said here.

Certainly, we can’t expect Bangs to proceed with another round of delisting without making some changes. Asking for public comment is a bit difficult when we have no idea what changes the USFWS is proposing. Perhaps he just thinks he can trick the judge this time.

News and information about the Northern Rocky Mountains gray wolf can be found here.

Tom Remington