I have been encouraged for several months now by a number of people to get a copy of Will Graves’ book, “Wolves in Russia: Anxiety Through the Ages”. As things go, I got busy and kept putting off looking into it. It seemed everywhere I turned, someone was mentioning the book. Then one day I got an email from Will Graves asking me if I would visit his website, WolvesinRussia.com, and read about his book.

I did visit the site and began reading about Mr. Graves and his book and I remember at the time I decided that I would have to come back to the site when I had more time to take it all in. I still could not escape the constant confrontation of “Wolves in Russia”. Everywhere I went people were asking me if I read the book yet.

I turned back to the website one more time and began reading and rereading. I even wrote down all the information so I could purchase my own copy, after all, it was beginning to feel a bit like divine intervention of some sort.

While browsing through news stories and information this past Saturday, I discovered an article in the Southern Maryland Online website by Anath Hartmann about Will Graves and his book.

I began scanning the sky watching out for lightning bolts. I quickly sent an email to Mr. Graves apologizing for taking so long to respond to his simple request to visit his website. I also figured I could sleep better that night.

Graves emailed me back and asked me I had seen the article about him and his book. He referred me to the same article but published in HometownAnnapolis.com.

I quickly made a promise that I would order a copy of “Wolves in Russia: Anxiety Through the Ages” first thing Monday morning. Well, it’s now Monday morning and the first thing I did when I got up was to send Mr. Graves a check for my own copy.

The book promises to be interesting and factual. It was edited by Dr. Valerius Geist, Ph.D, renowned for his work in wildlife biology and in particular studies of the gray wolf.

Mr. Graves has a storied and adventure-filled past. You can get a taste of that from the article at the two websites I gave you links to and at his own website, where he includes the preface to his book.

Having completed the task of writing this book, Mr. Graves informs me that he has turned his attention to see if wolves are carrying and spreading around the parasite neospora caninum. This parasite causes cattle to abort their calves and has been a problem in some areas taking its toll on the cattle industry and posing a serious threat.

For those interested in Mr. Graves work and would like to order their own copy of “Wolves in Russia: Anxiety Through the Ages”, please visit WolvesinRussia.com.

Tom Remington