Being that this link takes you to the San Francisco Chronicle, it can be expected that the article at the other end is a liberally spun bunch of lies propagated through ignorance of the issues and probably having never stepped foot out of the editor’s room.

Here are only a couple examples of the ridiculous rhetoric that is allowed to be printed in city newspapers educating the sheeple about issue that have no direct influence in their lives.

The claim is that “problem” wolves are being eliminated so the remaining wolves can coexist with the civilized, honest, upright rural citizenry of the Rocky Mountains.

Buffalo chips! There isn’t a soul on this blue-green planet, and that includes the most rabid wolf haters, who really believes that one-sixth of the wolves are munching cattle and sheep.

Later in the article reinforcing the first lie.

It is claimed that wolves killed at least 532 valuable ranch animals this year, 21 of which were llamas, which are used by sheep ranchers to protect their flocks.

That’s a lot of animals, but the evidence that they indeed fell victim to wolves is inconsistent. Some did, I’m sure, and ranchers have a right to protect their animals. But the picture we have when reading these numbers is of a stealthy, snarling wolf pack slinking into a pasture and feasting on the innocents fenced therein.

Will this crap ever cease?

Tom Remington