Scott Ellis, contributing writer for U.S. Hunting Today, is a regular competitor in many game calling contests. He recently competed in the North Carolina State and Tarheel Open Calling Contest. Here are the results:

NC State

1st Mitchell Johnston(Woodhaven Custom Calls)
2nd Jeff Sipes
3rd Jon Miller

NC Tar Heel Open

1st Scott Ellis(Woodhaven Custom Calls)
2nd Joe Drake
3rd Mark Prudhome

Tar Heel Open Friction

1st Mike Pentecost(Woodhaven Custom Calls)
2nd Scott Ellis(Woodhaven Custom Calls)
3rd Joe Drake


1st Scott Holcomb
2nd Mitchell Johnston(Woodhaven Custom Calls)
3rd Mark Prudhome


1st Mark Prudhomme
2nd Scott Ellis(Woodhaven Custom Calls)
3rd Mike Pentecost(Woodhaven Custom Calls)

Tom Remington