The SHOT Show (Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show) recently concluded in Orlando, Florida. As one might imagine, the show offers buyers to view more guns and accessories than anyone could reasonably expect. I like my guns but more importantly I cherish my right to own them. I am in no way an expert on them, nor do I pretend.

At the show, displays of guns are everywhere and yes there were the so-called “black” guns. Below are a few pictures Milt Inman took of the show as we moved about that I thought might give readers and those who have never attended a show like this a chance to get a taste.

charles daly booth SHOT Show Orlando
The Charles Daly display was impressive, clean and well presented but was by no means a large presentation by show standards. We were greeted with a warm and welcoming smile and a handshake.

trailer of guns SHOT Show Orlando, Florida
This is a glimpse into one end of a long trailer used as a display for guns. Very impressive but a bit difficult to maneuver through.

motorcycle shot show orlando, florida
This was one of my favorite displays. Pictured is an old military motorcycle complete with leather gun pouch located just ahead of the handle bars and beside the front tire. Check out the large photo behind the motorcycle of the soldier driving and firing his machine gun all at the same time.

Tom Remington