2Newstv.com is reporting that Idaho Director of Fish and Game, Cal Groen, says the wolves are getting over crowded, are reducing deer and elk herds by 15% and that the wolves are now beginning to kill each other.

He says big game populations are decreasing by as much as 15 percent a year. Without the wolves, Idaho’s deer and elk herds would be increasing 7 percent a year.

Groen says the wolf packs have become overcrowded and wolves have begun to kill each other.

Now, that statement by Groen is sure to become a burr in some people’s undies as this is information they don’t want to hear. Personally, I believe Director Groen’s statement to be true and that it has taken far too long for the state to take an official stance of the condition of the deer and elk herds and the destruction being caused by the wolves. This is a far cry from the statement made last February by IDFG biologist Dave Spicer when he said, “The health of game herds, though, is driven by weather not predators.”

Now with the head of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game saying what many have said for some time, we can begin the arduous process of getting wolves under control and regaining the viability of our ungulate herds.

Tom Remington