The New York Times editorial staff should stick to trying to figure out how to save their failing newspaper rather than offer editorials and make comments about wolves and hunting that they know nothing about and clearly show their bias.

The editorial was one geared at lauding the efforts so far of Obama’s new Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar, for undoing everything the Bush administration had done over the past 8 years, including shutting down federal lands and putting a stop to any drilling for oil or natural gas off shore, on shore, in Alaska and my mother’s back yard. The Times regret is that Salazar decided to continue the Bush effort to remove the gray wolf from the Endangered Species Act list. I’m sure the NYT’s regrets are mostly rooted in the fact that Salazar agreed with Bush, something no red blooded liberal would ever dream of doing.

The closing paragraph pretty much sums up the paper’s ignorance and bias.

The Interior Department’s scientists say that wolf populations are healthy enough, and state protections strong enough, to take the animal off the endangered species list in Montana and Idaho. We do not share their confidence in the states. De-listing allows for some hunting, and hunters in both places are itching to start firing away. Mr. Salazar should be ready to restore protections the instant the long-term survival of the species seems at risk.

As we have all come to expect, the New York Times places more faith in more and bigger government than the people who live in Montana and Idaho. Editorial staff have never had to deal with a wolf wanting to killing their livestock or terrorize their children. Why should they care? They prefer to run home and tell their children how we live in a fantasy land full of cute and cuddly wolves and polar bears and that evil people who live in the country want them all dead.

And of course the Times wouldn’t be the Times if they didn’t take a crack at smearing the hunters in saying that hunters are “itching to start firing away”.

If the times bothered to do any kind of research into the topic of which they pretend to know so much about, they would have an understanding of both Montana’s and Idaho’s Wolf Management Plans, both approved by the Federal Government, of which they are so in love with.

This newspaper, like the lying animal rights advocates, go out of their way to convince people that if the wolf is delisted, there are no protections in place to insure that hunters don’t just start “firing away” and killing everything in sight. I think hunters will wait to do that the next time they are in Central Park hunting coyotes.

Tom Remington