Glory be to horse manure! I believe I have found the newest recipient of the Black Bear Blog’s Horse Excrement Award. This is awarded periodically to someone who makes an outstanding contribution to the world of inane rhetoric, hypocrisy or just plain D-U-M-B speak!

I found an article at about what people are saying concerning the recent announcement by Ken Salazar and the Obama administration to go ahead with removing the wolf from the Endangered Species Act list. According to KPAX, this is what Louisa Willcox with the Natural Resources Defense Council said about why wolves shouldn’t be delisted in Idaho and Montana and not Wyoming. (Don’t be confused here. She doesn’t want any wolves to come out from under her blessed protection.)

“It doesn’t make sense to have protections remain in Wyoming while delisting in Montana and Idaho because wolves don’t read maps and packs that roam across state lines are treated different under laws,”

So wolves don’t read road maps. That’s interesting. I don’t want to sound like I’m boasting but I never really thought wolves could read a road map. Gerbils maybe, but not wolves.

I guess it makes sense that wolves really can’t tell when they cross a state line (although I’ve cross some in the woods before that seemed more like a railroad track than a state line.) but the problem with this is that Wilcox goes on to say that wolves should be kept in different geographical areas. I assume this is achievable only on Fantasy Island. (Zee plane, boss! Zee plane!)

Willcox does not want wolves in every community, but she does support a recovered population in the wild country.

“A good example is the continental divide between Idaho and Montana where wolves could have higher numbers and balance that out with fewer numbers by Darby,” Wilcox said.

It’s amazing really. Evidently wolves can’t read maps to know what state they are in but they sure can read a topographical one so they’ll know enough to stay in the wilderness areas and other designated zones.

Maybe that’s it. Maybe the so-called wolf haters, of which I’m not, aren’t giving these creatures enough credit. I suppose it’s like your dog Rover, when you point to him and speak firmly and say, “Stay!” That’s all it takes.

Did our wildlife experts not tell the wolves to “stay” when they let them go? Shame on them.


Tom Remington