Gary Marbut, president of the Montana Shooting Sports Association, one of the lead organizations to push through and get passed Montana’s Montana-made firearms bill, HB246, announced today that South Carolina is introducing a similar bill. The other day I told you that the news about HB246 was catching on quickly around the nation and had gone viral.

Senator Lee Bright just introduced another clone of Montana’s HB 246 as the “South Carolina Firearms Freedom Act,” S. 794.

Below is a list of the other states that have similar bills and the links to information about those bills.

Montana HB 246

Alaska HB 186

Texas HB 1863

HB 1796
SB 1610

South Carolina S. 794

Montana’s HB246 essentially says that any gun, ammunition or gun accessory/parts that are manufactured in Montana and remain in Montana cannot be controlled by the Federal Government. This is a major line being drawn in the sand that challenges the U.S. Government to butt out of state’s affairs and reinforces the 10th Amendment.

Rumors are flying around that other states are working on similar legislation. They are, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, and Washington.

Tom Remington