It would be naive to think that no president ever considered his appointments to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court as a way to help protect or promote his ideals. How far is a president willing to go to intentionally attempt to manipulate the system in order to achieve personal agendas?

When Senator Barack Hussein Obama was a candidate for president of the United States, I spent a great deal of time writing about his history when it comes to Second Amendment issues. This also included multiple articles on the most prominent Second Amendment case the Supreme Court ruled on in recent history – District of Columbia vs. Heller.

Over seven months ago I brought you a story that got very little attention and few people know about even today. Perhaps it is time to revive that story a bit.

From 1994-2002 Obama was director of an organization called the Joyce Foundation. It’s aim was the destruction of the Second Amendment. This foundation, led by Barack Obama, tried to manipulated the courts, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court by stuffing the law review libraries in several prominent law schools.

At the Supreme Court level, we know there are very few prior cases that deal with the Second Amendment. After all, it took well over 200 years before the court would finally make a ruling on whether the Second Amendment actually did guarantee individual citizens the right to keep and bear arms. (District of Columbia vs. Heller)

It is known that all stewards of the law have to rely on past cases in presenting an argument as do judges in rendering decisions. If there is no actual case history, often lawyers and judges will refer to articles written at law school review libraries. These articles carry some weight because they are accepted and approved before being published.

It was Obama’s contention and that of the Joyce Foundation that if they stuffed enough anti-Second Amendment law review articles into college libraries, this would help sway the courts to render decisions against the Second Amendment. Class act wouldn’t you say.

As they say, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. We now wonder how Obama will achieve what many of us already know – his desire to rid the country of guns and destroy the Second Amendment.

We know since becoming president he has tried to reduce the availability of ammunition. He was unsuccessful in ordering all military spent brass, used by companies to reload and resell, destroyed and rendered useless.

We also know that when Obama traveled to Mexico recently, he told leaders he would encourage his Congress to ratify CIFTA – a global treaty former assault-weapons-banner-in-chief, Bill Clinton, tried to get passed. This treaty would submit U.S. citizens under the power of a U.N. entity that would take away our guns.

We can feel quite confident that Obama will find any means necessary to take our guns. (laugh if you want to). He is not afraid of slimy court manipulations and fraud to influence the courts nor is he shy about bringing in outside gangs to help him with his agenda.

So, with all this said, can we begin to think that just maybe Obama is using an anti-gun Sonia Sotomayor as another game piece to achieve his ends? For those who care enough to learn, we have come to realize that Sotomayer is about as anti-Second Amendment as they come. Consider this.

Six months after Justice Antonin Scalia delivered the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision in upholding the belief that the Second Amendment was a guaranteed individual right, given to us by God and not allowed by the Constitution, Federal Appeals Court judge Sonia Sotomayor completely disregarded District of Columbia vs Heller.

In Maloney vs. Cuomo, she ruled that the Second Amendment had nothing to do with individual rights nor did the federal government have any say in the matter. She claimed the states had the right to make any gun banning laws they wanted regardless of what the Second Amendment said (my words not hers).

Of course I have no idea where gun banning sits on Obama’s priority list. Does anyone? But we know it is there. He stated clearly that he wanted an “empathetic” justice who could rule by having a better understanding of the way things are in our country today, and it appears he found one of those. If gun banning is second, third or lower on Obama’s wish list of rights to take away in order to achieve his fascists regime, picking Sotomayor may have been just another bonus feather in his cap – kind of a two or more for the price of one.

Obama is a big enough narcissist that he believes, like back in the Joyce Foundation days, he can manipulate even the United States Supreme Court in order to fulfill his fascist agenda.

Tom Remington