The media in New Jersey must be taking a page out of the play book of the global warming alarmists and simply censoring any coverage of bear attacks in their state. We have to go to New York to find media coverage of a bear that attacked a man in Sussex, New Jersey while he was packing his car for a business trip to New Hampshire.

According to the Times Herald-Record, Henry Rouwendeal, 51, was packing his car for a business trip, when a 300-400 pound bear knocked him to the ground to get after a sandwich he evidently had packed in his car. After some time, he was able to get himself into the house to wake his wife, a registered nurse, who treated his wounds.

As long as those in charge in New Jersey continue to bury their heads in the sand over this issue, the shorter the fuse on the time bomb becomes that will result in someone getting seriously injured. But we continue to hear ridiculous rhetoric from bear lovers similar to the one the Black Bear Blog received from a bear lover yesterday.

People are 247 times more likely to be killed by lightning and 60,000 times more likely to be murdered by another human being than to be killed by a black bear.

I am far more afraid of being hurt by a human than by a bear. But I would never suggest that we kill humans just to prevent them from possibly hurting someone, and we should not kill bears either.

Personally, I could care less about what my odds are in getting killed by a bear. That’s not the issue nor is it an issue of getting injured from a bear attack as has happened with Mr. Rouwendeal. The issue is why do we have to be subjected to living a lifestyle that some bear lover deems necessary, living in fear of our kids and property, because someone wants to protect bears? Can a man now not go from his house to his car without fear of being attacked by a black bear because a handful of perverted minded people say so?

The person who made the above comments also made several comments which shows us clearly that she hates human beings and has little use for them. She blames man for everything. What a shame. The combine hatred of mankind along with an abnormal desire to protect animals, is sick behavior, yet it is being supported in far too many places.

There are proven means to deal with overgrown populations of wild animals, yet this continued perverted behavior is ruling the day. Hopefully enough people will wake up to the fact that their right to own property and to be able to protect themselves and that property is being taken away by those who are more fond of animals than humans. Let’s just hope this happens before another is attacked by a bear.

Tom Remington