In what probably can be best described as a more active role in efforts to get the gray wolf off the Endangered Species List, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, which has been quiet in the past, has now come out stating that they are filing briefs with the courts in support of wolf delisting.

In a letter sent to Idaho for Wildlife president Steve Alder, David Allen, President and CEO of RMEF, says no more sitting on the sidelines.

Combined with the fact that we sat on the fence and did very little to stand with other sportsmen relative to the entire wolf issue was, in my opinion, a vast mistake. Those actions were prior to my coming to this position, however we will not make the same mistake twice.

Allen also says they have filed briefs with the court.

We are presently engaged in filing briefs to the judge who presides over the wolf delisting, supporting the delisting and a regulated hunting season. We anticipate him to act prior to the season opening in MT at the end of August. If the judge does not allow the states to manage these wolves, including a hunting season it will be a true injustice.

It appears the RMEF is making an effort to contact sportsman’s groups to inform them that RMEF will no longer “sit on the fence” on this wolf delisting issue.

This comes as good news as members of Idaho for Wildlife have been saying for some time that RMEF should be siding with sportsmen to save the very elk they have invested heavily in over the years. The RMEF has spent millions of dollars over many years to rebuild elk herds in several areas of the country. While sportsmen have been in the woods and seen the evidence that wolves are decimating elk herds, they cannot understand why RMEF has not stepped up to the plate to take an active role to stop this needless slaughter.

Welcome aboard, to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. We are glad to have your support.

Tom Remington