Most of us knew it was only a matter of time before we would begin witnessing what can really happen when wolves are allowed to grow and run unchecked and unmanaged. Wolves killed 120 sheep on a ranch near Dillon, Montana and those attending claim they’ve never seen such a massive killing.

Seeing is one thing, having knowledge of this is yet another. Suzanne Stone of Defenders of Wildlife needs to get out a bit more and do some real research, then she would have actual knowledge of the history of wolves and what they are capable of doing.

“I’ve heard of bears or mountain lions doing that, but what usually happens is the sheep panic and jump on top of one another or fall into a ditch and suffocate,” Stone said. “I’ve never heard of any situation where wolves killed so much livestock in such a short period of time.”

Perhaps she could begin with Will Graves, “Wolves in Russia: Anxiety Through the Ages“. Graves tells us of account after account of surplus killing by wolves totaling well into the thousands in relatively short periods of time. In September of 1976 in Ereminskij, one adult female wolf and seven youngsters, killed over 100 wolves in one outing.

In November of 1953 in Novoselkovsk, five wolves took on 99 sheep killing 94 of them. We are also told of a case where two wolves entered a sheep enclosure and killed 96 sheep in one hour’s time.

The book is loaded with account after account of the unhindered slaughter of livestock and wild ungulate populations. It’s all there for anybody to research and discover for themselves…..that is if it’s really the truth you are after. I think it’s much more convenient for Defenders of Wildlife to continue to create their own science and censor history and facts. It better fits their agenda.

Tom Remington