I can tell you why there isn’t any outrage! Because nobody knows about it. Here we have a rancher in Montana who over two weeks ago lost 120 sheep in one feeding and killing frenzy by a pack of wolves and there is little talk or coverage in our biased media. Just last month the same rancher lost 26 sheep in a similar attack. It has taken two weeks to get a trickling of information about this needless and senseless loss of private property. One would be led to believe the media is attempting to suppress the story until after today’s court hearing to decide a wolf hunt.

If there had been one wolf killed, it would have been heard around the world in less than twenty four hours with every environmentalist blaming the encroachment of man, or that some hunter poached it. This action is sickening and needs to stop. People are losing their private property and nobody seems to care. It’s all about protecting one animal by a bunch of perverted wolf lovers.

Carolyn Sime, wolf coordinator for the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, says that right now there is a certain tolerance and acceptance of the wolf to the area but if this kind of action is allowed to continue that will change.

“If this injunction is granted and Montana is not able to proactively manage wolves in balance with habitat and conflicts with livestock, the tolerance for the species is going to erode,” she said.

“It’s possible we’ll see increased levels of illegal killing.”

Tom Remington