I propose bits and pieces from this news article for inane discussion.

Wolves in Switzerland have killed sheep and by Swiss rule have broken the law by killing too many animals. There are orders to kill the wolves. Following are laughable excerpts taken from the article.

“but what is certain is that by killing more sheep than they should, they have violated Swiss law.”
Proof I suppose that wolves in Switzerland have rights, after all they have violated the law.

“wardens have 60 days to hunt them down”

Or what? I’m curious as to what happens then.

“15 sheep killed on the night of August 1 and 2 alone. Meanwhile, 27 sheep were killed in July in the central Swiss canton of Lucerne.

Unbeknownst to the predators, the rampage had exceeded those tolerated under the official quota.”

Obviously the Swiss are doing a lousy job of keeping their wolves informed of the quotas of private property they are allowed to poach.

“Swiss law allows predators to kill only 35 animals in four months, while in a month, the quota is 25.

However, that limit falls to 15 a month for protected herds, as in the case of the wolves’ prey.”

So, sheep are a “protected” herd. Are there other “protected” herds? I wonder if the allotments are per wolf or a collective total? The report says there are something in the order of 12 wolves now living in Switzerland. 25 animals per wolf is 300 animals a month. That’s a “bloody” mess!

“Animals violating this law can be shot.”

And no fair trial? What are they doing to the rights of these wolves? If they are expected to know what their quota is, shouldn’t they at least get a fair trial? After all, an environmentalist with the World Wildlife Federation believes there are extenuating circumstances.

“if the wolves had such a good haul on the night of August 1, they were perhaps aided by fireworks set off amid the Swiss National Day celebrations”

No comment! For the life of me……….! No, no! I said no comment. But…… OK!

“In most cases, the sheep which were attacked had not been efficiently protected,”

Oh, now wait just a minute! They can’t blame stupid sheep. Sheep can’t have rights, or at least as many as the wolf. Sheep are ignorant. All they do is follow the leader, even into death. They quiver, tremble and pee and poop all over themselves. I’m sure somewhere in here it has to be man’s fault. Let’s see. Oh, yeah!

“the decision to hunt these wolves was made “too quickly.”

But it’s the law! Oh that’s right. The wolves have the rights and sheep and humans don’t. Oh, man! This is a bad law. WWF needs to file a suit to repeal that law.

Tom Remington