Ice is freezing at such a rapid rate in the Arctic that unless something is done now and done drastically to stop the out-of-control cooling that is taking place, species will die because they will no longer have open water in which to survive. (Think of the cute little white seal pup! and send money!) I suggest eliminating any thoughts of a cap and tax program and coming up with a rebate program to encourage increased human induced carbon dioxide. To help stimulate the economy, we could offer vouchers toward baked beans….maybe a cash for gas program.

It’s remarkable when you stop and think about it. Baldy Moon, head of the United Nations, says we’re all going to die from global warming.

As a matter of fact, recently Moon traveled to the arctic to film himself standing on the “melting” ice (I hope he got Al Gore’s permission) in order to make statements that would further frighten people into believing the world is melting and drowning. The ironic part is that Baldy Moon could only get to within 700 miles of the Arctic because there was so much ice. Ooops!

Moon claims that by 2100 sea levels will rise 4 feet from melting Arctic ice. If you don’t believe me, fill a glass with water and ice. As the ice melts, measure how high the water level rises. (Caution: Depending on the size of your glass, you may need rubber boots or maybe even a personal flotation devise. (Do try this at home.)

Assuming that somehow you have survived the home ice melting test, contrary to what is happening before our very eyes in the real environment, we still need to get the word out that the sky is falling. Until someone else discovers how much money they can make off global cooling – again – they’ll keep pumping out global warming scare tactics until the bank accounts run dry. (How’s yours doing Al?)

Did you see the look of absolute desperation on the faces of that mother polar bear and her cub? They may be the only bears left and when the ice they are on right now melts, well, it’s cookies for them two. At least they won’t eat so many of those cherished seals. (I’ll tell you where to send money to support, SOGCON, “Stop Our Global Cooling Outside Now” – underwritten by CO2sRUs of Bangladesh.)

On a more serious note, seriously!, No, really! I’m serious! The world is coming to an end because of global cooling. I’m telling you, it’s true. I have 7,428 signatures on a sheet of “green” paper who will attest to the fact that the earth will be nothing but a sheet of ice by the year 2062! It has to be true. I read it………somewhere……or something.

sunspots graph

Tom Remington