By golly! I was thinking just today that it had been awhile since my last “Horse Excrement Award” and lo and behold, the story jumped right into my lap this evening.

You can read more about it over at Newsbusters but here’s the deal. At the University of Wyoming the college wanted to name a brand new center after former Vice President Dick Cheney. After all, Wyoming is his home state. But no, a woman, Suzanne Pelican, protested and began a petition to stop the naming of the building after him.

After one year of collecting names, there are now 150 names. But that’s not where the Horse Excrement Award goes. Oh, no! The award goes directly to the Associated Press because they actually ran a story about this. So filled with Cheney Derangement Syndrome, they couldn’t see how absolutely a non story it was and how utterly ridiculous.

Black Bear Blog Golden Horse Excrement Award

Proudly, Tom Remington