According to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, there will be a public meeting of the Fish, Wildlife and Parks to discuss what to do about an elk population in the Gallatin Canyon that has shrunk to below 85% of objectives.

Of course the first talk is about reducing or eliminating hunting opportunities, even though authorities say hunting isn’t the cause of the problem. It’s predators, namely bears and wolves.

So now the questions begin to arise. Why didn’t Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks offer more wolf tags for the Gallatin Canyon area? Looks like it’s time to go kill some bear and wolves or are we to be doubly or triply stupid and allow the elk to go extinct in the Canyon? Is this what the wolf and bear lovers want? We know what they really want.

Yes, well, now haven’t we woven a tangled web of lies and deceit and now everyone will pay. Let’s keep on believing the environmentalists lies and soon there will be nothing else left. The moose are gone, the deer are dwindling and the elk are on the verge. There are too many predators.

Let’s see. The progression in this will be the spread of disease, cannibalism and increase livestock predation, including threats to humans.

Perhaps one day we’ll figure it out.

Tom Remington