Hat tip to reader “jes” for information contained in this article.

Perhaps the only question remaining is which wolf or group of wolves were responsible for the mauling death of 32-year old Candice Berner, who at the time of her death was living in Chignik Bay on the Alaska Peninsula. The autopsy, authorities say, along with circumstantial evidence has ruled out attack by any other predator but wolves. Further testing might reveal which wolf or wolves did the actual attack.

Ms. Berner had her own blog, The Adventures of an Alaskan Bush Teacher and wrote and posted pictures of her life for the short time she had been in Alaska. From her blog it appears she was very much familiar with the outdoors and at least some of the potential dangers of living on the Kenai. She wrote this pertaining to wolves:

Chignik Lake’s mascot is a wolf and it sits in the lobby of the school. It’s a great reminder of what lurks outside in the wilderness and to be on the alert at all times. The wolf population in Alaska is rather large and some believe they are the reason for the decrease in moose and caribou.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of Ms. Berner’s family and friends. What a tragic loss.

Tom Remington