Governor Michael Rounds of South Dakota has signed the SD Firearms Freedom Act into law. This brings to five the number of states that have enacted FFAs – Montana with the original, followed by clones of the MFFA in Tennessee, Utah, Wyoming and South Dakota.

FFA-watchers now turn to Oklahoma, Alaska and Idaho where other FFAs are steaming through the legislatures. In addition to the five states with enacted FFA laws, 21 other states have FFA bills introduced.

BTW, I did an interview with the New York Times today about the FFA movement, apparently as a part of a larger NYT story about the nationwide states’ sovereignty movement. I expect the story to appear Saturday or Sunday. It’ll be interesting to see what the NYT, the self-proclaimed U.S.’s “newspaper of record,” says about the FFAs. Can they wish away FFA bills in 26 states?

Gary Marbut, president
Montana Shooting Sports Association
author, Gun Laws of Montana