It appears we are stuck on stupid when it comes to dealing with wild animals. Like a dangerous intersection, how many tragedies need to take place before someone figures out that having vehicles traveling toward each other from four different directions can be a potentially deadly circumstance? To avoid traffic fatalities we control the traffic.

Young Candice Berner died a tragic death, being mauled by wolves in a tiny remote village on the Kenai in Alaska. As calamitous as her death, the repetitive talking points still prevail; rare occurrence, can’t understand it, what did the victim do wrong, we must learn to live with predators, too many humans, it’s all our fault, etc.

People’s love for wild animals, much based on false information about the animal’s habits, have become so perverted it seems some are more interested in keeping these truths from the general public out of fear of tarnishing their precious image of a savage predator, at the price of a human life. It’s easy to blow off the event when it doesn’t directly affect you. For some it hit very close to home.

It’s time to move beyond fantasy land. How can environmentalists/animal lovers/anti-hunters expect people to “learn to live with wolves” when they refuse to allow the truth about their behavior to be presented? This is beyond disgusting.

Read this: “When Do Wolves Become Dangerous to Humans?” by Dr. Valerius Geist