Editor’s Note: The following is an email I received from one of the founders of a new activist organization, Big Game Forever, whose goal it is to put an end to overblown wolf populations that are destroying game herds across America.

Wyoming is still waiting for Federal Judge Johnson to Rule if Wyoming’s wolf management plan will be accepted – that hearing was in January of 2010.

Judge Malloy has taken written arguments and will hear oral arguments in Missoula on June 16 and will then rule if ID, MT, and parts of UT, OR and WA can continue to manage wolves.

Idaho sportsmen killed 180 wolves and the government hunters killed an additional 130 wolves in Idaho this past year for a total of about 310 wolves killed in Idaho. About 100 wolves were killed in MT and WY between the sport hunting and federal control. Federal control can only take place if wolves kill livestock.

SFW has been working with the other leaders in the industry like RMEF and Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) and the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, and others to be ready for action when the Judges Rule.

This is a HUGE task, with lots of heavy lifting and will require a lot of grass roots efforts and millions of dollars.

But the data is becoming more and more clear, wolves seem to be the straw that is breaking the camel’s back if you will, and elk and moose and deer populations are plummeting in areas of WY, MT and ID.

In order to maintain abundant game herds in the west, wolves are going to have to be managed at the levels agreed upon by all parties 150 in each state. Not the 500 to 1,000 in each state.

If the anti hunting groups are successful in stopping wolf management for 3-5 years, the further impacts will be devastating beyond repair in our lifetimes.

Please forward this email on to all you know who hunt and ask them to join the Big Game Forever effort. www.biggameforever.org. BGF is 100% dedicated to winning the wolf wars.

BGF is working hard to lay the groundwork, build consensus amongst sportsmen and sportsmen groups.

Each sportsmen group already has a full plate of issues to deal with. More sportsmen need to get involved to win the wolf wars. Big Game Forever has one mission: win the wolf war.

It is my assessment that in the end, the US Congress will have to step in and put in law what wolf recovery means. This will take wildlife management out of the courts – the forum of the anti hunters – and back into state wildlife management and commissions hands.

Ryan Benson is working on that effort full time.

Please take a minute and visit the website. Your feedback to make it more effective, what more you need to know would be appreciated.



Don Peay