This has to be one of the most ridiculous attempts at protecting a coyote as I’ve seen in awhile, enough so that when I read it, I was sipping on a Pepsi and spit it out onto my laptop.

A reader and friend sent me a link to an article in Predator Extreme magazine. Apparently a recreation trail in Amherst (I’m assuming Massachusetts) was closed because a coyote there had attacked two dogs on two separate occasions. Both dogs should recover fine. There are two comments made in the article I would like to draw your attention to. The first is quite ignorant and the second one is over the top.

The first comment refers to the reasons Animal Welfare Officer, Carol Hepburn, requested the trail be closed. It was “out of concern for the safety of smaller dogs”. Evidently, this animal welfare officer has never seen what a ticked off coyote can do. However, it’s a really odd comment considering that one of the dogs already attacked was a Labrador retriever. Is small, like anything smaller than a Newfoundland or a Mastiff?

But the last sentence is the best. “Hepburn says there is no evidence the coyote is aggressive toward humans”. I think she should go out on the trail and walk around in that same area and then find out if perhaps, just maybe, that coyote could care less whether it’s a small dog, a big dog or a person walking along the trail.

Tom Remington