Dear Reader:

The following Link is a short Draft Trailer for a videotape of a talk I recently gave in Post Falls Idaho, just East of Spokane, Washington. The subject of the talk is wolves. Like other recent talks I have given in the Northwest, the subject is WOLVES from their Illegal Introduction and the theft of $60+M by USFWS managers from state fish and wildlife agency funds (and the cowardice of state fish and wildlife agencies to even ask for its’ replacement) to the current exposure of the cover-up of wolves as deadly disease vectors and the mounting recognition of the destruction of livestock ranching, dogs, big game herds, and rural communities is the latest and perhaps greatest debacle to date wrought by the ESA, federal bureaucrats, federal politicians, and the environmental/animal rights cabal that is ruining not only rural America but the American Constitutional Republic that was the United States of America.

The following trailer currently on “youtube” is a prelude to one of the videotapes of one of these recent talks being prepared for distribution to the American public. I am sharing this Draft trailer to pique your interest in hopes that you will purchase one or all of these videotapes to provide these groups with funding to support their activities to defend your and their rights and freedoms. I have spoken in the last month on different topics from Illegal Federal Wolf Introduction Activities in Bozeman, Montana and Wolves as Vectors of Disease before the Oregon State Legislature Agriculture Committee to Suggested Solutions to the Wolf Problems on 6 July in Hamilton, Montana. Some of you may even enjoy seeing the ugly mug that writes all the “radical” stuff that so infuriates those environmentalists, animal rightists, and state and federal bureaucrats that so justly deserve our contempt for what they are doing.

NOTE: I do not profit at all from this and I am not running for any office so “PPPFFFFTTT” to those “eminent” politicians McCain and Feingold and their nefarious Act.

Watch it and if you think it worthwhile, please share it with others. Thanks.