As I watched the video, when it got to the part where one of the IDFG Commissioners was speaking, the more he spoke the more my blood pressure rose, at the arrogance being emoted saying he and all the other commissioners and Fish and Game personnel were doing the best jobs they could, etc. Scott Rockholm, who attended the meeting, videoed it for us and had a few comments to make of his own, also got his dander up listening to the same tired rhetoric and refused to let it go unanswered.

Also pay close attention to when the commissioner is talking about how the Department uses science to make decisions and also tells how they have to make decisions based on social demands. This is part of what’s wrong with our wildlife management agencies. And it’s also two-faced and hypocritical. There are far more hunters, who pay these guys wages, than there are the handful of well-funded environmentalists who want to end hunting and yet fish and game departments all over this country certainly take heed of those “social needs” and pay little attention to those who pay their salaries.

Looks like the tide is changing thanks in great part to people like Scott Rockholm and everyone else who is beating the drum loudly and persistently.