A Coalville, Utah rancher said he lost cattle due to kills by wolves and it appears this has been confirmed. Just as importantly, right there is Ed Bangs, Wolf Recovery Coordinator for the USFWS, telling the press this was a lone wolf because there are no wolf packs living in Utah.

If a wolf killed Wright’s animals, it was likely a “lone wolf” that slaughtered the calves, Bangs explained. There are no wolf packs living in Utah, he added.
“If it was a lone wolf, the indications are it is long gone,” Bangs said. “These lone wolves can travel 20 to 30 miles a day.”

I’m not in Utah but I’ll guarantee that statement is about as accurate as most everything else Bangs relays to the press. There is absolutely no reason why anyone should believe that this statement by Bangs is accurate. None!

Tom Remington