I would suppose that the weird and wacky environmentalists might be reveling in watching the antics going on in the very unattractive debate over wolves. After all, isn’t it part of their goal to divide the masses while they continue their march toward control over the land and the people?

If you will recall, it was after a Fish and Game Commission meeting in Kellog, Idaho that Idaho sportsmen became so incensed due to what they perceived as uncaring arrogance by certain members of the Commission, specifically Randy Budge, they began a letter writing campaign to Gov. Butch Otter asking that Budge be removed from his position on the Board.

This evidently did not sit well with fellow Fish and Game Commissioner Tony McDermott, who responded to an email being sent around within a certain mailing list that is sharing copies of letters being sent to Gov. Otter. Even though McDermott requests at the end of his email to “feel free to send this to your e-mail list”, it was a very bad idea and a worse idea for him to send this kind of response in the first place.

Jim, Kevin, Scott–From where I sit it is patiently obvious to me that you are the enemy of most sportsman with absolutely no interest in solving the problem. I returned home from Alaska on the 5th of August and have been tied up with the wolf issue ever since. Rockholm is an idiot, Kemp is not far behind and Hagadorn is a lost cause. I will be home Saturday night and if Kevin and Scott would like a dose of the truth I will make my self available if you guys aren’t afraid to come out of your rabbit hole? Kevin/Scott–You name the time and place. The bottom line is I have had enough! From a concerned sportsman who is attempting to do what’s right. Please feel free to send this to your e-mail list. Cheers–T McD

This kind of childish response from a man holding down a public position is sure to set off a firestorm, one that nobody really needs at this time……or anytime for that matter. The wolf debate is full of passion and opinion and words become sharp, cutting into the souls of individuals. However, calling others “idiot”, “lost cause”, begging guys to “come out of your rabbit hole” and then seeking a meeting in a manner resembling calling a drunk outside for a brawl, isn’t going to get the job done. His reference to asking the guys if they would like a “dose of the truth” only confirms the arrogance Idaho sportsmen have perceived from this Commission. That comment shows us he believes only he is the one holding truth.

McDermott claims sportsmen who are seeking the removal of Commissioner Randy Budge “have no interest in solving the problem” (wolves) and yet I fail to see how his actions work toward solving any problem.

Tony McDermott carries a resume on the IDFG website of a man with great credentials, with dedication to outdoor sports. This action is all very unfortunate and of course unproductive. Everyone needs to cool their jets here and not let emotions stand in the way of moving forward.

Tom Remington