Yesterday I commented on a letter Idaho Governor Butch Otter sent to Department of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. That letter addressed many of the problems Idaho is facing as the direct result of uncontrolled wolves. Unless Secretary Salazar is living in a complete vacuum and/or is void of any skills at perception, he should have understood the tone of Otter’s letter and the sense of urgency in it.

Some time ago, and repeatedly since that first time, I have spoken about how the war on public opinion would eventually shift in an anti-wolf direction if the wolf loving cretins didn’t stop changing the rules of the game while exposing their avaricious desires for more wolves in more places. In truth this can be more precisely explained as the environmentalists’ appetite for the money they get the longer they can keep the wolf issue tied up in court and in the public eye — that is until someone comes along and pokes you in the eye.

That time appears to be well upon the people of Idaho and perhaps even the Governor of the Gem State. Not only do we have some hunters and those fighting for wolf reductions, discussing whether it is ethical to shoot wolves that are seen in the woods, Governor Otter informed Secretary Salazar that Idaho will no longer be the heavy in investigating complaints about ESA violations and wolves. Here’s his statement to the Secretary.

Further, consistent with the Commission’s recommendation, Idaho will no longer be the lead investigator regarding ESA violations as they pertain to wolves. Idaho will refer such matters to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

I take that to mean that if you think someone is illegally killing a wolf, don’t call Idaho authorities. Evidently the Governor and his Board of Commissioners have reached a point they are starting to see the gray wolf as a “despised nuisance”, as Governor Otter so described in his letter. To that end we now have to question what, if any, effort IDFG or any other state law enforcement agency will expend to stop a poacher?

Whether we like it or not, it is unlawful to kill a protected species but this is what it has come down to. It actually pains me to no end that I now have to say, “I told you so!”

Tom Remington