According to an article in the Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife News Bulletin, two guys at Montana State University have determined that math no longer is applicable and wolf populations magically vanish.

I apologize for becoming perhaps the world’s biggest skeptic but why would suddenly, when states are trying to find ways to legally kill wolves before they kill everything in their path, a report appear with two researchers making a determination that hunting wolves has a much greater negative affect on wolf populations than fish and game biologist now believe?

From what I understand, we are now supposed to believe that 10-2=5. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m not old enough to remember the last time it was discovered that 2+2=4.

If wolf populations on average grow at an annual rate of 30%, without a wolf hunt or depredation killings by government officials, and combined mortality of on wolves, both natural and man-made is 20%, my math book tells me that wolves will continue to grow at a rate of 10% per year. Evidently that no longer is the case.

Perhaps it is the antithesis of the perpetuated myth that if you kill wolves and coyotes, out of spite they just have more pups simply to anger more people. Maybe wolves need to be put on Prozac, Effexor or Zoloft for their depression, for it now must mean that when a member of their family dies, deep depression sets in and the wolves run off and commit suicide. Isn’t there a government program to deal with this sort of thing?

Again I apologize but my skepticism on this bit of information is about as great as believing suddenly in an election season that a politician actually cares anything about me or my family……….or the wolves they pretend to want to legislate to control.

Tom Remington