This is an appointment that not only should Maine residents be concerned with, but all U.S. citizens. Roxanne Quimby, the founder of Burt’s Bees, a woman who took full advantage of a capitalist society and yet promotes a socialist/communist agenda, who believes that nobody should own land, that it should all be placed in the hands of government to control, now sits on the Board of Directors for the National Parks Foundation.

Roxanne Quimby, known for her eco-friendly personal-care product line Burt’s Bees, is also a passionate protector of Maine’s northern and coastal forests. Her non-profit foundation, Elliotsville Plantation Inc., has bought and conserved approximately 120,000 acres of wild lands in Maine Woods at risk of or already damaged by logging for timber. The foundation focuses on creating a landscape of protected preserves and works to restore native plant and animal species such as the wolf, lynx and salmon.

Her website reveals just a bit more of the realities of her agenda:

Mission and Values Statement

Elliotsville Plantation, Inc. is a non-profit foundation established for the acquisition and conservation of land and the preservation of open space for the benefit of the public and for the conduct of educational and stewardship programs in furtherance of land conservation. EPI currently holds and manages over 84,000 acres of wild lands in the forests of northern and coastal Maine. These properties are often adjacent to other conserved lands, and serve to buffer them from incompatible uses. We are in the process of creating stewardship plans for these lands. Our stewardship goals are to:

* Preserve and restore native plant and animal species, natural communities and processes, historic cultural and scenic assets, and the wild character of the land;
* Provide for compatible public access and low-impact human use;
* Promote public awareness and appreciation of the value of preserving core wild areas and connecting them on a landscape scale.

Our management strategies are to limit roads, motorized equipment, motorboats, and aircraft landings in the protected areas except as necessary to meet requirements for the administration of the area. We work with State and Federal agencies in order to allow adequate access for fire and disease prevention, search and rescue, and fisheries management. As a matter of policy, our properties are managed as wildlife sanctuaries and hunting and trapping are generally not permitted.

The short of it is, she wants to buy up land, shut it down to all use except what she deems appropriate and turn it over to the government for that purpose. She opposes hunting and fishing but hides behind a faux kindness of keeping her land open for fire, search and rescue and fisheries management. Her idea of “compatible public access” is stay the hell off.

With her being a pick of President Obama comes as no surprise as she is merely an extension of and perpetrator of his agenda.

Tom Remington