For those following along, the other day I posted, “When Wolves Eat Mice, Elk Vanish“. In that piece I reference C. Gordon Hewitt in his book, “The Conservation of the Wildlife of Canada“.

Beginning on page 193 Hewitt writes a chapter on predators. Below is the opening paragraph of that chapter. I’ve read it and reread it and I have finally come to the conclusion that if we could convince every wildlife biologist/manager in North America to post this paragraph in their offices where all employees can read it, we would be far better off.

C. Gordon Hewitt – 1921

“Any rational system of wild-life protection must take into account the control of the predatory species of mammals and birds. And while the complete extermination of such predatory species is not possible, desirable, or necessary, a degree of control must be exercised to prevent such an increase in numbers as would affect the abundance of the non-predatory species. In the treatment of predatory animals it is necessary to determine whether the species concerned are responsible for more harm than good in a particular region.” (emphasis added)

Tom Remington