Editor’s Note: The following was submitted to me as a guest blog/editorial by Bruce Hemming.

The problem with the American people is they like to live in a fantasy land like being in a movie and pretending to be living on the moon of Pandora, ala, James Cameron’s Futurist blockbuster movie Avatar. Americans enjoy a good escape from the mundane of living day to day; a fantasy of how great it would be to live in harmony with nature. The movie, “Dances with Wolves”, set the stage for millions of Americans to buy into what I believe is a wolf hoax. One problem with fantasies is you must come back to reality and live as a grown up.

How far has the fantasy land of the wolf stretched across the world?

Author admits making up memoir of surviving Holocaust


“Eleven years after the publication of her best-selling Holocaust memoir – a heartwarming tale of a small Jewish girl trekking across Europe and living with wolves – the Massachusetts author yesterday admitted the whole story was a hoax.”

This quote is so classic- “There are times when I find it difficult to differentiate between reality and my inner world. The story in the book is mine. It is not the actual reality – it was my reality, my way of surviving.” It shows how far removed from reality some people truly are. The Wolf Foundation of course endorsed this book and had it as a “must read” for the wolf cult.

Another book that started the whole wolf craze was “Never Cry Wolf” by Canadian author Farley Mowat. This completely fictional book was sold to the world as the true life story of a famous wolf researcher. The author believed the Mystical wolf would save the earth if man would only slow down and understand wolves. This fairy tale book was also made into a movie, “Never Cry Wolf” with a predictable slant that man is the evil one and wolves are the unsung heroes.

This Mystical wolf has so grabbed the emotions of millions of people worldwide it is truly almost impossible to break the ingrained brainwashing. Some signs of being in a cult show you are no longer able to accept facts, science, and reality; only the cult view of how the world should be. Like all cultists when confronted with the truth, they have no choice but to attack the messenger.

Let’s look at a couple of other books base on facts, reality, and science.

In the book, “Animals in the Third Reich: Pets, Scapegoats, and the Holocaust” (9780826412898): Boria Sax:,the author points out the truth of the wolf cult here in America.

Page 75: In 1934 Germany was the first country to put wolves under protection. Wolves were used as a means of demeaning and tormenting the Jews.

The top of page 79 in the author’s own words: “The cult of the wolf continued to influence western culture long after the end of the Nazi Regime.”

A few paragraphs later: Aldo Leopold went to Germany in 1935 to study German forestry upon his return, the co-founder of the Wilderness Society, began the work of returning wolves and other predators to the United States based on German example.

This same book makes reference to the Nazi’s naming German youth as “werewolves”, Hitler command Headquarters named the Wolf Lair, Hitler calling himself a wolf, and SS Gestapo using the wolf name to put fear into their enemies.

Wolves in Russia: Anxiety Through the Ages [Paperback]Will Graves


This book is a unique review of wolves as experienced in a culture much different than ours in North America. “Wolves in Russia” summarizes the massive research on wolves, in particular those in Russia. The killing of humans by wolves was generally suppressed as reading material. This book documents the fear of the Russian people because of the large number of people being killed by wolves.

The diseases carried by wolves is another concern. These are explained in this book in detail. The need for control of wolves runs throughout this book. Wolves are not the positive influence in balancing nature as may be thought. Without control there is wide damage to humans, domesticated animals, and wild animals.

Mr. Graves did a great job at telling the truth about wolves and how they will turn vicious, attacking and killing people, after they wipe out the game in the area first. The scientific data in the book clearly shows that uncontrolled wolf populations are a danger to the wildlife system as whole, the economic system of the rancher or livestock owner, to deadly consequences of pretending wolves don’t attack people.

The Wolves of North America By Young and Goldman

Published in 1944, this book dispels many of the myths put out by the Wolf Cult. One such myth was that none of the Native Americans never hunted the wolves.

Details in the book explain how the Lakota Sioux would kill a young buffalo and allow the wolves to gorge on it. Then when the wolves were stuffed, the Sioux could easily ride in on horseback and kill the wolves.

There are conflicting reports in this book of people saying that wolves never attack people, and actual attacks. A hunter once told me that he had hunted all around where wolves are and had never been attacked. So, to him, this means wolves are safe. Using his logic I can say the same thing about bears. I have hunted all over North American including Alaska, Quebec, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and never have been attacked by a bear. Therefore, bears never attack people.

The clear difference reading of the accounts in this book and what the fairy tale biologist of today are taught, is startling. The biologist back when this book was published truly cared about the wildlife system and the people. The need to protect our livestock and elk and deer is clearly stated. Wolves in a wildlife system, with strict control allowing for a small population of wolves was recommended. Whereas today, biologist raised on “Dances with Wolves” and fairy tale land, can’t seem to break their dream of the wolves and the mystical, perfect balance of nature.

Here is a quote from the book, “Mountain Men” by Vardis Fisher, Page 35.

“The Wild dogs family ate its victim alive, if the victims had the stoutness and pluck to keep breathing until the enemy’s hunger was appeased. Many a buffalo still walked the prairies that had had a wolf meal taken out of it. Depending on the strength of his hunger , or his mood, the wolf would rip and tear with it’s long sharp teeth, usually into the side or back, to get at the liver; and often it devoured all the tender flesh along the lower spine before it victim died. Or it might open a hole in the belly. If it had a taste for hams it might eat most the flesh off a hindquarter. Many a buffalo or elk calf or yearling survived the rendering of it flesh and the drinking of it blood , and lived as a cripple, hideously scared.”

This leaves those telling the truth in a tough position. How in the world do we re-educate the people that have been sold a hoax and bring this Mystical wolf back to reality. We need to bring the wolves back to a grown up reality of just another predator that needs to be controlled.

The “hug-a-predator” movement has been going for 40 years. The myth that somehow man is not part of the ecosystem is false. Even deer hunters with their limited understanding of predators can’t seem to understand that the same argument they use that deer are overpopulated and need controlling don’t understand the same holds true for all predators. All the Nature shows for the last 40 years have been set up to glorify predators.

What we need is for everyone to understand that wolves are just one more predator and that the birds and bees apply to them. Yes, they reproduce every year and hunting, trapping and snaring wolves is just keeping the population in balance with carry capacity of the land. But the whole “so-called” wolf experts have been lying so much about wolf population it is impossible for many people to know what’s truth.

Singles, doubles, and unknown packs are not counted when listing “official” wolf counts. Dr. David Mech testied in Federal Court that there was at least 3,000 wolves in the Tri-States area [Northern Rocky Mountains] but the official count is 1,700.

In Michigan, extremes are taken in hiding the wolf population; saying the wolves only increase 2-3% each year. This is laughable considering every single study I have read on wolves says they increase between 17-36% each and every year. The 17% was when heavy Federal control methods were in place to protect ranchers’ livestock. Therefore, with no wolf control in Michigan, the 2-3% increase per year is an outright fraud and a disgrace to the scientific community of America.

The only way we can have wolves in our wildlife systems is to have wolf controlled populations. We must stop the corruption and lies. The Federal Government with their Nazi-inspired Endangered Species Act, needs to be forever removed from having any say in wolves as an endangered species. Therefore you need to demand loud and clear to your Congressman and Senator to support hr6028 and s3919. This will forever take away the power to control wolves from the Federal Government.

You can also chip in to http://www.fotnyeh.org/

“Friends of the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd intends to file litigation regarding the denial of the petition to delist the Northern Grey Wolf very soon. The link to the letter our attorney wrote to the Montana Legislature on Dec 6, 2006 shows FOTNYEH has the ‘standing’ to sue.”

Join www.savewesternwildlife.org and stand by to buy and show all your friends Scott Rockholm’s ground-breaking documentary on wolves. Get involved. Don’t allow this fraud to close down hunting forever.

You can also get a copy of my documentary at www.prosts.com – “Undue Burden: The real cost of living with wolves”.

You must get involved today. Parts of Idaho and Montana are already at the critical low levels of wildlife and may have to be closed to hunting next year.

Bruce Hemming