Two weeks ago, a reader provided photos that showed the bloody progression of how a deer in Maine was tracked down, attacked and eaten alive by coyotes or coyote-wolf hybrids.

Dave Tobey of Eastern Maine provides more photos of another victim. This time a doe deer pregnant with twin female fawns.

The attack begins.

Appears the wounded, pregnant doe tries to find some escape into thick alder brush. Obviously, she is looking for someplace safe.

Perhaps pausing here for a rest, maybe even to take in some browse to fill an empty stomach.

If she can only get up this hill and across the highway to that farm house. Perhaps there she can find some safety from her attackers.

Behind the barn might be safe.

She didn’t make it.

She was ripped apart in an area where occurs often. They are after something special.

We can only assume the coyotes got scared off because they left behind the one item that tops their list of fine dining – unborn fetuses.

These three deer will not be counted by Fish and Game helicopters.

Dave Tobey had this brief comment to make: “This doe and her two unborn female lambs will not be part of the population this summer THANKS TO NO COYOTE CONTROL. Deer winter cover means nothing at all if you don’t have any deer left to put in them.”

Tom Remington