An Idaho legislative bill in which I wrote briefly about this morning, now has a number – H0343.

I’m sure panic is setting in for the wolf cult worshipers, whom I must say have all by themselves created the mess they find themselves in, as they get worked up over a piece of legislation that does little but provide a mechanism, a procedure that can be implemented in the case of an “emergency” as it pertains to gray wolves. H0343 spells out explicitly what constitutes an emergency.

67-5806. DECLARATION OF EMERGENCY. A disaster emergency, as defined
22 in section 46-1002(3) and (4), Idaho Code, is in existence as a result of
23 the introduction of Canadian gray wolves, which have caused and continue to
24 threaten vast devastation of Idaho’s social culture, economy and natural re
25 sources. The geographical extent of this emergency shall include any part of
26 the state of Idaho where gray wolves have been sighted and whose sighting has
27 been documented or otherwise confirmed by the office of species conservation
28 or the department of fish and game.

However, the governor of Idaho must, by executive order or proclamation as defined in this bill, declare such an emergency and specify under the grounds to which he or she is declaring such an emergency, and in addition to a host of steps of notification that needs to take place, a process is available for public appeal of such a declaration. The governor would be given under this new law specific guidelines of when and how an emergency declaration can be made.

Even with this act, there is no certainty the present governor or any governor into the future would ever choose to wield such authority. However, there are limitations to the duration of such proclamations and conditions in which any and all declarations would be lifted.

(3) The state of disaster emergency shall continue until the governor
19 finds that either gray wolves are delisted in Idaho with full state manage
20 ment restored or the threat has been dealt with to the extent that emergency
21 conditions no longer exist.

Contrary to what will more than likely be written in the media and embellished by the wolf cult, gray wolves will not be slaughtered should this bill pass. However, with the many years of lawsuits, appeals, court rulings, dithering by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, further unreasonable demands by environmentalists, charades and con games being played out in the United States Congress, lying, cheating and stealing, a layer of protection for the fine folks of Idaho in the form of H0343 is not an unrealistic thing to ask for.

Thousands who support proper wolf management and a means to protect the rights of Idaho citizens, are being asked to gather at the Capital on Wednesday, April 6 at around 11:00 a.m.

Tom Remington