It never ends. Blinded by a hatred of man and an obsession to blame man for everything bad, makes people, who otherwise might appear intelligent, really look stupid. Here’s an example of a tired and overused excuse why wild dogs, i.e. wolves and coyotes, aren’t a danger to humans.

Two weeks ago, George Smith, former executive director for the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine and now activist, writer and organizer, wrote an article in the Kennebec Journal in Maine. His claim in that article was that because deer were gone in Northern Maine, coyotes/wolves were moving south looking for food.

This may very well be true, although I’m not aware of any studies that would support that claim. However, coyotes/wolves do travel great distances often in search of food and mates. But that’s not the point of my piece this morning.

After Smith’s article was published, the I-hate-humans-and-love-dogs-more- crowd are coming out of their skin in defense of the coyotes/wolves. It may be more accurate to say they aren’t as much defending the wild dogs as they are hating on humans.

However, one such educated person, claims that coyotes/wolves aren’t a threat to humans. Jonathan Way, Ph.D. and author of a book about coyotes, “Suburban Howls“, writes in a recent article in rebuttal to Smith’s, “Two people have been killed by coyotes in all of North America’s recorded history, yet 20 die from dog attacks every year in the United States. Also, 5 million people are bitten or attacked by dogs every year. Where are those statistics in his rant against coyotes?”

I can’t speak for George Smith but anyone with a brain understands that Smith could have used the statistics on how many people die by being struck by lightening. It would have been just as relevant.

The last time I checked, there were something in the order of 300 million people in America and 77 and a half million pet dogs. The U.S. is one of those bizarre societies that live with their pets. We are supposedly the “enlightened” society but the not so brilliant people still understand that dogs are nasty and shouldn’t be sleeping with your kids and licking their faces, etc.

However, my 11-year old grandchild understands the concept that pet dogs and humans live together in the same house and that coyotes/wolves live in the forest. Therefore, what is to compare? Either move the people to the forest or move the coyotes/wolves into everybody’s homes and then we can compare to see if there’s a difference.

Perhaps Mr. Way, and others who love dogs and hate people, would better spend their time learning all the facts about wild dogs and not just those that fit their narratives. And while they are at it, do a bit more checking around on how many people have been attacked and killed by coyotes/wolves….in all of history.

Tom Remington