What began nearly 20 years ago as denial of the many bad things that would happen in the Greater Yellowstone area if gray wolves were brought in from Canada, continues to this day. It was predicted that the wolves would kill off their prey base and that is happening. Information was presented to Ed Bangs, USFWS head of wolf reintroduction that wolves carry more than 30 different infectious diseases, some harmful and/or deadly to humans, and that was ignored. Disease is now becoming a common occurrence across the Northern Rockies where wolves are prolific. The same deaf, dumb and blind authorities were warned that wolves, once they had consumed their prey base, would focus in on livestock, and that too was passed off as insignificant.

It has been stated that gray wolves will attack and kill large prey, such as elk, moose, mountain lions and bears, yet wolf protectors deny that wolves could bring down a grizzly, take on a wild cat and the like. Yet, it is happening on a daily basis now.

It was predicted, wolves would resort to livestock killing, first taking on the easiest of kills – sheep, and family pets. That has happened. The same predictions said as the wild canines got hungrier from the destruction of their own food source, would move into residential areas looking for food. That too has happened and is becoming more frequent.

It has been argued whether or not wolves would attack and take down a horse. Wolf protectionists have denied such an event has ever happened and would never happen. Robert Fanning, founder of Friends of the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd, reminded us all yesterday that in Will Graves’ book, “Wolves in Russia: Anxiety Through the Ages“, the author pointed out that wolf attacks on horses were a common thing in Russia and other Asian and European countries.

And now, we have a confirmed attack and kill by wolves on a family’s prized quarter horse in Darby, Montana.

While the family grieves for the loss of a special horse and other resident’s concerns for the protection of their livestock and personal safety, idiots still deny and/or blame this event on the owners. The lack of any mental capacity of people who see things this way is beyond rational comprehension.

While the video above shows only the horse alive, below are a sampling of photos taken of the horse after the attack. Although they are graphic, there is little need to try to hide behind denial of the truth and the reality that faces citizens who are being subjected to asinine animal favoritism.

Tom Remington