When the truth doesn’t support your cause, you resort to lies and deception. Obviously, that is the belief of the pro-wolf community. Unfortunately, the Internet has enabled anyone with a connection to become a so-called journalist. The problem is many are too lazy to complete essential interviews necessary to find all the facts or don’t want factual evidence to interfere with their agenda. Such is the case with a couple of articles regarding the shooting of two wolf pups last week in the Bitterroot Valley.

The first story came out in the Ravalli Republic quoting a former government wolf trapper and depredation investigator Carter Niemeyer stating these wolf pups didn’t need to die, “They would kill no livestock for at least a year or more if ever”. This was an irresponsible statement considering the situation. The rancher shot and killed two wolves that had his sheep and goats rounded up. He had lost a sheep to a wolf only five weeks prior to this incident. After he shot the wolves, the rancher notified Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP). An investigation was done by Joe Jaquith, FWP Warden and Joe determined the rancher acted appropriately and within Montana law. Mr. Niemeyer claims these wolves couldn’t kill for a year.

These claims were not validated by the wildlife biologists I spoke with including Mitch King, retired Regional Director United States Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS), Ed Bangs, retired USFWS Wolf Recovery Coordinator and Liz Bradley, Region 2 wolf biologist FWP. In fact Liz Bradley stated, “this was the inevitable end for these two pups. The pack had chosen a poor place to live and there was a history of livestock depredation.” <<<Read the Rest>>>