In an area of Charlotte, North Carolina, where numerous sightings and reports of coyotes have occurred, a homeowner says a coyote climbed (not jumped) her fence around the area of her yard where she lets her dog run. The coyote, she describes, attacked her dog, but the description doesn’t sound like the typical attack. Read the story!

Here’s something interesting though. The news article states: “Animal Control officers found him [coyote] nearby just a couple of hours after the attack, and determined he [coyote] had rabies.” How did they determine that? Was the coyote dead and they ran tests on the dead animal? Or did they just decide that it “looked” rabid? Is the city or county or state governments paying this woman for her treatments? It is after all, their coyote. Kill the dog and make sure it is or isn’t rabid.

The woman has to undergo rabies prevention treatments because the coyote had rabies. Or did it?

And as is typical, when calls in the past have gone out to animal control for help with these coyotes, according to this article, no help is available.

“I asked if there was anything they would do,” said Blanton. “And they said at that point, no there wasn’t.”

Animal Control officers say coyotes are migrating to the Charlotte area, especially its creeks and greenways, but there’s really not a lot they can do about them unless they show signs of being a threat, or of being rabid.

This is a potentially toxic situation looking for a ripe place to happen. Keep on protecting those “song dogs”! Coyote, meet Smith and Wesson! Bang!