On August 5, 2011, Carter Niemeyer shared a statement with his readers on Facebook. From his own website, Mr. Niemeyer states about himself:

Carter Niemeyer is the retired (2006) U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wolf recovery coordinator for Idaho and, as an expert trapper, was a key member of the federal wolf reintroduction team in Canada in the mid-1990s…………He has two degrees from Iowa State University and is a Wildlife Society certified biologist.

With officially recorded cases of human contracted Hydatid disease in Idaho in the past year, and the growing amount of scientific evidence that has come to light in the past 2 years about this disease, it’s life cycle, how it is spread and the potential dangers that lurk for human beings, Mr. Neimeyer posted this statement on his Facebook page:

There are a number of politicians out there trying to convince people who believe everything they hear that the “wolf tapeworm,” is going to kill you. It’s hard to believe the media hasn’t jumped on this bullsh**, so I’m chiming in to tell you that’s all it is: bullsh**. Check with CDC and your state wildlife veterinarian.

One might expect an uneducated person to not grasp the gravity of the situation, merely by failing to understand the science, history and facts involved with the echinococcus granulosus tapeworm. The question now remains is whether Mr. Niemeyer’s statement is recklessly irresponsible and as such may actually be endangering the lives of innocent people. A good example can be found by simply reading the comments from Mr. Niemeyer’s “Friends”.