There are many things that could be said about the fact that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has determined that what killed a government controlled Mexican gray wolf in Arizona was that of a lightning strike. Trust me. I bit my tongue several times and I’m still holding back.

One thought I had about this was wondering if the wolf perverts will sue God for causing a lightning strike on one of their own? But then I realized they wouldn’t sue God because mostly God doesn’t exist for them. So, I guess it’s on to Gaia and/or Mother Earth. Will they sue Gaia? How can they stop the uncontrolled striking of lightning? Difficult as it may be to determine how to stop it, lightning must have rights according to these debauchees.

One has to wonder, the news article said that this now half-fried and dead alpha female was wearing a radio collar. It is most assuredly a fact that had this wolf not been wearing a radio collar, it would not have been struck by lightning. It must have acted as a grounding rod delivering the tens of thousands of volts of electric energy through its neck and taking her out in an instance…..perhaps. Or the animal suffered miserably, as surely as Nature is just.

Looks like a great opportunity to launch a lawsuit against the USFWS for collaring that animal. It is, after all, cruel and unusual punishment to bestow upon any animal…..well except for a few humans who are into the S&M thing.

Natural regulation! Just when you though it was all man’s fault!

“Lightning is striking again and again and again!”

Tom Remington