*Editor’s Note* – The following press release is being distributed by Big Game Forever. While the focus of the press release appears to be more directed toward better control of gray wolves in America, it should be noted that the hearings that have commenced in Washington, in the House Natural Resource Committee are about an overall review and debate about the good and bad parts of the 1973 Endangered Species Act as amended.

The problems facing the control and management of gray wolves in parts of the U.S. are a direct result of an outdated, ineffective and poorly worded and defined Endangered Species Act. This leaves the door wide open for activists, including judges, to make far reaching and unintended interpretations of the ESA laws. This not only negatively effects how well gray wolves are managed but all wildlife and especially those that may be at risk unnecessarily.

In addition to the now ineffective and dysfunctional ESA, abuses from lawsuits, enhanced by a broken Equal Access to Justice Act law, costs taxpayers millions of dollars each year while those costs have nothing to do with saving wildlife species and everything to do with putting money, lots of it, in the pockets of environmental groups and their lawyers. This abuse of power and the derailing of the intended real equal access to justice, only serves to deplete the budget of the Department of Interior so fewer funds are available to actually use to protect and better manage our wildlife species.

It is hoped that hearings in Washington will bring to the front of discussions, the needs for changes within the ESA and EAJA, that would be based on scientific evidence and common sense. We can do that with your help.

For those who don’t already have set up or have knowledge on how to contact members of the Natural Resource Committee and/or your congressional representatives, Big Game Forever has made it easy for you. Please read the press release below and follow their simple instructions on how to send a free notice to Congress.

From Big Game Forever:

Take action today!


Many of you have asked “How Can I help?”

Congress needs our support. Our elected representatives in Congress care about wolves and the Endangered Species Act. I was in Congress on Monday for a hearing on the Endangered Species Act. The problems presented by unregulated wolves and endless litigation were repeatedly raised in the hearing. I met with many offices for Senators and Representatives who are working to fix these problems.

Here is how we need your help today!

(1) Go to the website http://biggameforever.org/takeaction and send an email. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s free. Simply click “take action” and follow the instructions. It should take about 30 seconds to send an email to all of your elected representatives, the White House, Department of Interior and US Fish and Wildlife Service. Big Game Forever makes it easy to make a difference.

(2) Ask your friends to join the fight with Big Game Forever. Send an email asking your friends to do 3 simple things:
(a) send an email to Congress using our automated system at http://biggameforever.org/takeaction;
(b) sign the petition on our website at http://biggameforever.org; and
(c) take 5 minutes and watch the video at http://biggameforever.org which shows why the future of wildlife is at risk. 23,000 people have seen this video already.

Yesterday’s over 6,000 emails were sent to Congress by supporters of Big Game Forever in response to the Big Game Forever “Action Alert”.

Here is how we are different. Some anti-hunting groups have attempted to create the illusion of collective action by sending emails on behalf of their members. Every message sent to Congress from Big Game Forever was sent by actual voter who “took action” using the tools at http://biggameforever.org/takeaction. Hunters care about the future of our outdoor heritage. These collective action show that real Americans are willing to join the fight. Thanks to everyone who has responded so quickly to this call to action.

The vast majority of those who have signed the online petition still haven’t sent their email to Congress. Take a minute and join the fight by sending your email by visiting http://biggameforever.org/takeaction. Together, we can protect wild things and wild places for future generations.