Jim Hayden, and those in the address line (not shown here but was included in the email).

It is a sad day in Idaho. Finally Jim Hayden had to come out and admit the dismal failure of their management objective of our big game herds. For many years IDF&G has pandered to the wolf promoting Defenders of Wildlife, NIWA, and the Federal wolf pimps. Jim Hayden, through his unscientific modeling, has downplayed the crushing effects of total saturation of wolves.

On the surface this looks as though Jim is concerned. If you look a little closer you will find he still needs a money generator, and somehow we can continue to hunt elk in the Panhandle. Nothing could be further from the truth, as we are in a emergency condition, and IDF&G fails to do the job they are mandated by law to do. Idaho Code 36-103 mandates the Department manage wildlife for perpetual populations of wildlife for hunting, fishing and trapping. The social engineers hired by the department, which includes the New Director Moore, is working very hard to change this mission from our historical definitions of Wildlife, to non consumptive management.

I have three years of video from quarterly meetings F&G held. In all instances, Idaho Fish and Game informed the public everything was okay. Nothing to see here, move along. Here we are, smack dab in the middle of the biggest wildlife disaster the Nation has ever seen, and Mr. Hayden is still refusing to publicly recognize the reality. Jim has worked in concert with the other big game managers in Idaho to promote wolves over every other animal. This is the day of reckoning, and the chickens have come home to roost. Our big game is on the brink of total collapse, and this is a man made disaster.

Idaho Fish and game has violated their fiduciary responsibility in managing one of Idaho’s greatest Natural resources. The department is inept, incompetent, and corrupt. The management of the department must be replaced with competent individuals, and much of the rank and file employees should be given their notice to leave the agency. No other fortune 500 company or business in the world would operate the way IDF&G operates. Year after year, the department allows the core resource to be plundered by Federal wolves, and they participated in the entire scam. Our elk, moose, and deer have a dollar value attached to each animal. Idaho Fish and Game has purposely fed our resource until they depleted the founder stock. Systematically, the department deflected the blame to the Federal Government, as to not be accountable for their actions. I am here to tell you, nothing could be further from the truth, and the department will be made accountable.

I will close by saying, IDF&G is a dismal failure, and through their incompetence and corruption have destroyed Idaho’s wildlife. The cronyism withing the department is blatant, and now obvious to the average Idahoan. This latest development is an outrage, and when I finish exposing this inept department there will be hell to pay. The meeting scheduled two meetings for the same day, and this is also unacceptable. These meetings will be filled to the brim, and the people will not stand by and let you get away with it. The scheduled Wildlife Summit is further evidence the department knows they will be broke and out of work unless they invite the anti hunting organizations to the table. Once again, you are drastically mistaken.

Scott Rockholm
Save Western Wildlife INC.